Dec 28, 2017

the ”you-decide-everything” day!

last year we started a tradition here at home. one day between christmas and new year’s eve (so far has been the 27th of december), our children (at least the big ones) would get to decide E V E R Y T H I N G the whole day; everything: from what they eat to what they wear, to what they play, to what time they go to bed…

superhero kid costume playtime etsy handmade

we thought that, since there are so many things that adults around them decide on their behalf the whole time, they could and they should have this day where we (the adults) just let go… and the kids just enjoy taking over!

and of course this day has been strategically chosen, since it is between the holidays, so the family’s rhythms are slowed down and we can afford the next day a bit of “too-much-candy” stomach ache and a few pairs of tired eyes from having “too-much-ipad” time ! plus it keeps the excitement going! first they have to wait for christmas day, then for the ”you-decide-everything” day and finally comes the new-year’s eve!

so, yesterday it was the day we have all been waiting for! kids were in pyjamas the whole day, and got dressed in a second (all by themselves) to go across the street for sushi ! they played a looooot of ipad, watched a looooot of tv, ate all kinds of yummy things… the whole day, and most importantly they said a lot of hilarious things like:

* “since we decide everything today, we decide that we will decide everything everyday!”
* us: “would you like dessert here (sushi restaurant) or at home?” – them: “since we decide everything today, we decide that we will have dessert … in both places!
* and late in the evening, the big one: “can i have one more glass chocolate milk?” –me: “you decide!” –the big one: “no mum, i’m done, you can decide for me again… ”

well, it is exhilarating, puzzling, entertaining and tiresome to take decisions the whole day!!!!

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superhero kid costume playtime etsy handmade

superhero kid costume playtime etsy handmade

superhero kid costume playtime etsy handmade

superhero kid costume playtime etsy handmade

Dec 22, 2017

latest excitemelove obsession

~ emerald velvet

velvet girl dress globe hat
@jodyesabatiniphoto @goldybelle


"the book" series~ christmas resolutions

well, yes, forget all about the “new year resolutions”! that is totally passé…not only because we never keep the new year ones, but also because you can now have a better combo: combine christmas resolutions with an advent calendar, i.e. set up a goal that can be accomplished in 25 days in december… til christmas!
{i know, i should have written this post like a month ago, but now you know for next year}

oh happy day
thus, me and sofia, my good friend and neighbor, got ourselves a challenge: she wants to write a book (a proper one) and i want to write a children’s book (more like a story) and voilà!

{nope...we have not written one book each, in 25 days...}

but we decided to make “the plan of the plan!”~ use the 25 days for planning how to get around with writing a book. and we set up weekly goals until christmas. what we wanted to make sure to check, research, brainstorm and resolve, so when the new year comes, 1st of january, we are ready, there, with our pens (or keyboards), ready to start typing…

well, with only 3 days left for christmas. I can assure you that we are pretty much behind with our plan of how we plan to write our books… but it is all so much worth it! we have definitely initiated something in our hearts and our brains, and although we might take another "challenge" month to get prepared, i assure you we will soon start writing!!! 

follow our journey in “the book” series!

p.s:  do you have any good resolutions?

photo by raw pixel on unsplash

Dec 18, 2017

"dad had told me you had to work if you wanted to get on life..."

best book children's book nicolas nicholas nikolas
last night i was reading to my boys a greek version of the book ”little nicholas*”, an all-time-classic by René Goscinny, with the amazing and so simple illustrations by Jean-Jacques Sempé.

it had been a long weekend, with many arrangements, playdates, dinner at friends, spending christmas cozy time with grandma, playing with the inches of snowing that came sunday morning out in the park… and of course, as it happens to all non~kellogg’s~families a lot of everyday frustrations, tidying up, a bit of shouting, “eat-your-food”, “pick-up-your-toys”, etc. etc. etc…

so, it was actually revealing to find myself laughing out loud reading the stories told by little nicholas, with his innocent storytelling and his efforts to understand the way adults behave! i am not sure who René Goscinny’s audience actually was, the parents or the kids… cause the book is highly amusing, and provides a sweet commonground for parents to understand (or remind themselves) how kids think, while the children read a story told from someone …well someone exactly like them! 

and, as you can imagine, although it was sunday evening and i was tired (that means a bit grumpy), my mood became so much better; the stories of "petit nicolas" was the best medicine for sunday blues!

i have to say also that the greek translation, by the award winning Rita Kolaiti, is extremely good, and i had the opportunity to explain to my kids a lot of good greek words, some more childlike, that one feels a bit nostalgic about, cause we don’t use them anymore!

best book children's book nicolas nicholas nikolas
actually, natasa bought this book for us, when our son, our little nikolas, was born.
and my good friend thekla bought us the english version; thank you girls!

best book children's book nicolas nicholas nikolas
*Le petit Nicolas (Little Nicholas) is a series of French children's books and it was first published on March 29, 1959.
The books talk about childhood in 1950s France. The recent years, the books have been also turned into two films and one TV series!

best book children's book nicolas nicholas nikolas

so, if you are looking for an uplifting book to read (yourselves!) or with your kids, pick up any story from the series! trust me, this little guy will make you smile widely, the least!

Dec 15, 2017

i love you shared~economy~santa~claus

this year, all my kids (three!) are getting used toys for christmas presents! yes, nice, great quality toys that i have bought from neighbors and families i have never met, in very low prices, but most importantly in very good conscience! 

having three kids in different phases in their lives, one family can quickly be overwhelmed about the amount of toys that can collect. therefore this year i decided to go for the shared~economy approach! i de~cluttered their toys earlier this autumn, and it was so relieving. toys were given for charity, and others were sold or given away to other families and friends! and the process was so fulfilling (...also emotionally: it is such a nice feeling knowing that the toys that your children have enjoyed playing with, will give joy to new kids!).

photo by Hannah Rodrigo on unsplash

and then i searched and found exactly the toys that my children will love, but used ones! and yes, saving the money from buying them new ones, it means i can afford getting them the present they exactly want, without exhausting myself with thinking "well, it is expensive... how many times will she play with it?"

photo by Markus Spiske on unsplash

there are many good sites and sources for buying and selling, especially for children's stuff. i used a great app, built by a danish super~creative team, called reshopper! check it out, and enjoy your shared~economy christmas gift giving!

photo by Daniel Cheung on unsplash

photo by Alphacolor 13 on unsplash

Dec 11, 2017

every child's dream? {letters to each other}

my dearest natasha,

ever since i moved to Copenhagen i have indeed embraced the minimalistic scandinavian taste in everything, even for christmas decorations. i do love the few green branches with the simple light string, and  the paper made ornaments, in shades of grey, brown or silver. 

..but there is still something inside me, possibly my innocent love for christmas, or the every-child's-dream, that makes me to absolutely adore the over-the-top christmas decorations! and although every year i postpone our over-the-top decorations for next year, i just found a true inspiration for this subject: Courtney

Courtney makes a complete new project {every year} of decorating her amazing 1950's split level home in Northern NJ, just outside of NYC, with different christmas themes! of course she and her family live in an amazing house, but Courtney has a true talent in mixing and matching different styles, creating a unique and coherent theme every year! and not mention that she decorates every single room, even the bathroom!! 

ah natasha, please remind me next year how much i dream of a house decorated like this! 

love, C.-

Courtney's 2017 holidays home:

christmas decoration tree holidays theme home

christmas decoration tree holidays theme home
christmas decoration tree holidays theme home

christmas decoration tree holidays theme home

christmas decoration tree holidays theme home

christmas decoration tree holidays theme home

christmas decoration tree holidays theme home
Courtney's 2016 holidays home:christmas decoration tree holiday family

Dec 8, 2017

oh christmas card!

the other day i was visiting a neighbor and as we were sitting and chatting in their kitchen, her husband came with his laptop on his hands, to show me proudly their "Christmas" card! it was a super nice picture of their wonderful boys, out in the woods (or possibly in the summer house?). "what a great idea"  i thought and said aloud!  "i love it!" 

family christmas card personalized
Emma Block
they are actually the second family this year who is telling me they will have a "family Christmas card"! and made me wonder... why did we ever stop sending Christmas cards... and yes, maybe many of us we now have families, jobs and thousands thing to do, but it is such a "hyggeligt" thing to do!

i remember that my grandmother would set up all the cards she would receive on a little table and we would look at them, so different all of them, and choose our favorite ones, every year! 

family christmas card personalized

when i first moved to copenhagen, i used to send Christmas cards to my friends... actually not to my old, good, best-friends-back-home, but to the newer ones, to the ones that i wanted to show that they mean a lot to me, although i do not say it to them everyday.. and i actually loved the process of finding the cards, writing them, packing them, sending them.. totally getting into the mood for the holidays!

so, this year, i am so looking forward to receiving these two Christmas cards...and maybe i ll try to find the time to write a couple of them myself!

check out these wodenrful etsy shop, where you can have personalised family christmas card made just for you and your family!

family christmas card personalized
Kathryn Selbert Illustration
family christmas card personalized
Laura Rosendorfer

Dec 6, 2017

how adorable can they be? {letters to each other}

my dearest natasa!

i just came across this super cute and charming blog, that i immediately wanted to share with you, for two reasons:

1~ this couple's pictures can truly inspire anyone on how to celebrate every moment in the most delightful way; a daily celebration of life, just for two or with lots of lovely friends n' family!

2~ i think you will just loooove sarah's personal style!

love, C.-

Dec 1, 2017

one for one (R) ~ your giving this christmas

TOMS ~ festive classics ~ limited edition

{the ones with the lights, they glow in the dark!}

ps: the photographers behind the FW17 TOMS campaign are two of our favourites: Chris & Sarah Rhoads! Check them out at 

getting warm for the holidays

boden - pyjamas & homewear

Who says bedtime can't be exciting?