Dec 22, 2017

"the book" series~ christmas resolutions

well, yes, forget all about the “new year resolutions”! that is totally passé…not only because we never keep the new year ones, but also because you can now have a better combo: combine christmas resolutions with an advent calendar, i.e. set up a goal that can be accomplished in 25 days in december… til christmas!
{i know, i should have written this post like a month ago, but now you know for next year}

oh happy day
thus, me and sofia, my good friend and neighbor, got ourselves a challenge: she wants to write a book (a proper one) and i want to write a children’s book (more like a story) and voilà!

{nope...we have not written one book each, in 25 days...}

but we decided to make “the plan of the plan!”~ use the 25 days for planning how to get around with writing a book. and we set up weekly goals until christmas. what we wanted to make sure to check, research, brainstorm and resolve, so when the new year comes, 1st of january, we are ready, there, with our pens (or keyboards), ready to start typing…

well, with only 3 days left for christmas. I can assure you that we are pretty much behind with our plan of how we plan to write our books… but it is all so much worth it! we have definitely initiated something in our hearts and our brains, and although we might take another "challenge" month to get prepared, i assure you we will soon start writing!!! 

follow our journey in “the book” series!

p.s:  do you have any good resolutions?

photo by raw pixel on unsplash