Dec 15, 2017

i love you shared~economy~santa~claus

this year, all my kids (three!) are getting used toys for christmas presents! yes, nice, great quality toys that i have bought from neighbors and families i have never met, in very low prices, but most importantly in very good conscience! 

having three kids in different phases in their lives, one family can quickly be overwhelmed about the amount of toys that can collect. therefore this year i decided to go for the shared~economy approach! i de~cluttered their toys earlier this autumn, and it was so relieving. toys were given for charity, and others were sold or given away to other families and friends! and the process was so fulfilling (...also emotionally: it is such a nice feeling knowing that the toys that your children have enjoyed playing with, will give joy to new kids!).

photo by Hannah Rodrigo on unsplash

and then i searched and found exactly the toys that my children will love, but used ones! and yes, saving the money from buying them new ones, it means i can afford getting them the present they exactly want, without exhausting myself with thinking "well, it is expensive... how many times will she play with it?"

photo by Markus Spiske on unsplash

there are many good sites and sources for buying and selling, especially for children's stuff. i used a great app, built by a danish super~creative team, called reshopper! check it out, and enjoy your shared~economy christmas gift giving!

photo by Daniel Cheung on unsplash

photo by Alphacolor 13 on unsplash