behind excitemelove you find us, Christina & Natasa! Although there are around 1.192 km that keep us apart, we share so much in common…
we often stop to think what Pollyanna of Eleanor H.Porter would do, if she were in our shoes!
we get excited with anything stylish & original that can make our everyday life prettier, be it a small object of design or the new cocktail bar in town!
we smile (often without realising it) when seeing expressions of love around us, because they give us a certain feeling of warmth!
we surf all around the web to discover photos that hide real love stories!
we got the idea of excitemelove back in August 2010. with a launch date of February 14th, 2011, it was more than obvious that our blog was a manifesto of love. but, love at its greatest moment! for 3 years we posted hundreds of “big days”, hoping not only to brighten the days of our readers, but also to inspire them.
after a long break, we couldn’t be happier for coming back! excitemelove is still about love! it is about all these things out there that excite us; all these things that inspire us; all these things that make our life more beautiful; all these things that we want to share with our loved ones.
if you are about to celebrate a special event in your life or you are just looking for ways to spread the love, visit our blog, get inspired by our posts & create your very own life album, full of unique photos & many smiles!

because, when you spread the love, all this love will come back to you!