Apr 29, 2018

the fear of the wallpaper

ever since i moved to my own space, i have been dreaming of putting wallpaper on my walls. first i was checking them in decor magazines, cutting the pages out and saving them in various folders & boxes. then i was researching the wallpaper stores in my city and searching their catalogues online. even when i was at a DIY store, i would always stop by the limited selection of wallpapers, which was usually full of disney characters for children's rooms. then pinterest arrived in our lives, & since then i believe i have checked at least one wallpaper every time i log in! & lately ... instagram! but of course, instagram is full of gorgeous pictures of the most delicate rooms decorated with the most astonishing wallpapers! 

& how many rooms have i decorated with wallpapers? ... none ! yes, you read well, none. i believe i have the fear of the wallpaper. although i have saved a bunch of codes & every once in a while i check the online shops, ready to order... something inside me prohibits me from taking this large step in my life & wallpaper my walls! is it indecisiveness; there are indeed so many beautiful designs? is it the fear of the work it entails if & when i will want to change it? or is it the fear of the statement my wallpaper will make {do wallpapers have their own personalities, hence their own statements?}? so bizarre, yet again such a long-lasting feeling! 

anyone else out there who is overtaken by the fear of the wallpaper ? or is it only me?

{below you can see some of the most "intimidating" wallpapers, for bathrooms!}


BoHo Walls