Dec 8, 2017

oh christmas card!

the other day i was visiting a neighbor and as we were sitting and chatting in their kitchen, her husband came with his laptop on his hands, to show me proudly their "Christmas" card! it was a super nice picture of their wonderful boys, out in the woods (or possibly in the summer house?). "what a great idea"  i thought and said aloud!  "i love it!" 

family christmas card personalized
Emma Block
they are actually the second family this year who is telling me they will have a "family Christmas card"! and made me wonder... why did we ever stop sending Christmas cards... and yes, maybe many of us we now have families, jobs and thousands thing to do, but it is such a "hyggeligt" thing to do!

i remember that my grandmother would set up all the cards she would receive on a little table and we would look at them, so different all of them, and choose our favorite ones, every year! 

family christmas card personalized

when i first moved to copenhagen, i used to send Christmas cards to my friends... actually not to my old, good, best-friends-back-home, but to the newer ones, to the ones that i wanted to show that they mean a lot to me, although i do not say it to them everyday.. and i actually loved the process of finding the cards, writing them, packing them, sending them.. totally getting into the mood for the holidays!

so, this year, i am so looking forward to receiving these two Christmas cards...and maybe i ll try to find the time to write a couple of them myself!

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family christmas card personalized
Kathryn Selbert Illustration
family christmas card personalized
Laura Rosendorfer