Aug 31, 2015

celebrate last day of summer!

are you starting packing up your summer mood, getting ready for autumn? hmmm... I know , not yet!

what about one final celebration of the warm summer season ? invite your best friends for a laid-back get-together! no need to fuss too much about it. just make some cool fresh smoothies & a couple of tea-sandwiches & relax in the garden, the balcony, or in the living room under the fan! if you are up for it, we can open a bottle of bubblie! the last day of august if the best day to exchange summer stories & possibly make new promises for next summer!

ps: here is a great idea to freshen you up!

use any kind of berries you like, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, you name it, add a bit of sugar to your like and pour a bit of milk ! blend the mix for a couple of minutes and Voilà!


your own receipe!

Aug 28, 2015

we r back!


we are back... it took us some time to figure it out, and we might have not figured out it completely yet, but we became sure for one thing: we miss excitemelove too much!

so here we are! even more excited! and actually we are expanding our love! we want to post about anything that really excites us in life and we want to share with you guys! weddings, food, life, travelling, everyday life!

excitemelove is back!