Sep 2, 2015

Stan Smith forever!

yes, we were among those 23,7 millions who in 1994 bought a pair of the famous Adidas Stan Smith. Me, personally, being an athlete-avert, I used my only pair throughout all the year of high school, as my only gym/ activity shoes. I frequently polished them with white shoe polish, especially when the leather was completely destroyed in the front and changed the laces once in a while so they can look new again! i loved them... the more worn they looked , the more I adored them!

... and then when I graduated, I dismissed my love for this pair of shoe!

while the whole world continue embrassing it, changing, re-decorating, messing it up, making it more elegant,more quirky and back to basics,  I actually started despising it ! Too white I thought (starting going towards the black-from-top-to-toe phase). Too childish, "come-on-grow up" I thought, when I would see a date showing up wearing them. Too wide, too "what kind of green shade is this anyways", too "non-fashionista"!!

gosh, I was so wrong... this iconic shoe has developed propably as much as I have all these years. It changed color, skin,it grew a fringe, it grew higher, and it went back to completely white, only for a short while, in order to start all over again!

so, what do you think? do the thrillic stan smiths deserve our eternal love??