Feb 4, 2018

a slightly different chicken soup

yesterday my husband woke up feeling a little bit under the weather... a small headache, a running nose & a sore throat were all there. i pulled up my sleeves & used all my magic tricks to help him have a quick recovery! orange & pomegranate juice for breakfast, vitamin C tablets, ginger tea with extra lemon & honey & a chicken soup for lunch.

i wasn't sure whether I wanted to cook the more or less traditional greek recipe... like this one:

so, I kept looking for an alternative one at my favourite's Greek TV-chef (Akis Petretzikis) amazing webpage. and, here is what I discovered:

{spicy chicken & cherry tomato soup}

it was so easy to make & so delicious at the same time! needless to say that my mission was accomplished, as my husband feels so much better today!!!