Jan 11, 2018

the january get-together

many of us usually spend January at home, a bit worn out from the festivities of christmas & new year eve’s season. most of us are not in the mood to plan going out, and some actually cannot even afford it.

but we in excitemelove {who love to celebrate all the big and small every~day~moments} would suggest that maybe january is actually the best month to plan some good get-togethers, just in a different way:

january is for good, honest & cozy get-togethers, with really good friends, whom most likely you did not see during december, cause they had family and other friends’ gatherings to attend.

january is also a good time, because the buzz of the festivities is now over, so you can really reflect on the year that passed, and look ahead on the months that are coming; what better than going through such an exercise while sharing it with your best friends.

lastly, some feel that january is dark, cold (if you live in northern hemisphere) and slightly depressing. even more importantly then, to invite some friends over and warm your houses and your hearts!

and we have the perfect idea for such gathering: a soup soiree!

imagine some delicious, warm soups are served {so everyone can try different flavors} accompanied with fresh baked bread and of course your favorite wines, white, rose, red!

all the different soup flavors will awake different senses, trigger different emotions, inspired different ideas and definitely different topics of discussion will arise!

and keep in mind, soups are really easy, fast and economical to be made, and you can even follow the northern european model, where you all share and everyone brings a different soup! what about making a challenge and assigning different colors to each one of you?

well, it is Friday tomorrow… just saying….

if you are looking for some soup bowls inspiration, have a look at food52:

Sarah Cihat

Farmhouse Pottery