Jan 28, 2018

lethargic Sundays

is it just me or do we usually spend January weekends at home? the festive season is over & I feel that we all need some time to stay still & relax... not that many get-togethers, no drinks with friends, no late dinners... just cosy outfits, slippers, sitting comfortable on the sofa, watching series... & why not, trying face masks!

I spent a couple of days at the beginning of December is Seoul & couldn't help but notice the amazing, glowing skin of all the Korean girls around me. what is their secret? face masks!!! apparently, they use one per day, that's why you can easily get them in packages of 20. & they are so affordable!
{by Innis Free}

{by The Face Shop}

{by Tony Moly}

{by Skin Food}