Jan 3, 2018

color within the lines & relax

on the second evening of this amazing new year, i found myself drawing with color pencils in one of my kids’ books. they were doing their own art, relaxing, just before bedtime, so i decided to indulge in my own page. and i found myself in such peace. yet, an exciting peace; what colors shall i chose, what if i color outside the lines, will it be very pretty when i m done? ah… all these small exquisite excitements.. and yet such a peaceful activity.

coloring pages colouring books color pencils adult activities

so this morning i decided to play the journalist and research what makes these coloring books, or even just one page, such a great entertainment?
i found quite a few academic (and non) researches, based on experiments that show evidence that indeed “structured coloring of a reasonably complex geometric pattern may induce a meditative state that benefits individuals suffering from anxiety (Curry et al., 2005)” and “adult coloring reduces depressive symptoms and anxiety(Flett et al., 2017)”. another research talked on how specifically women benefit from structured coloring, in comparison to both male getting more relaxed while drawing free style (Carsley et al., 2015)!

well, the only thing i can suggest is just try it! i loved it! after all this lovely buzz of the Christmas and new year’s festivities, relaxing with a good coloring book and some great color pencils, it was exactly what i needed for a january evening!

coloring pages colouring books color pencils adult activities

coloring pages colouring books color pencils adult activities
as you can see two of my books are with pictures from Greece! natasa bought them so our kids could learn a bit about the country, while coloring!  

if you are looking for buying yourself some nice coloring books, we can definitely recommend the ones that gifted Brittany (the house that lars built) made:

Brittany Watson Jepsen coloring book flowers cactus the house that lars built