Sep 12, 2015

the september issue

"if fashion is a religion, VOGUE is the bible"! this is the statement on the film "the september issue" that was released in 2009 & showed the whole world how the efforts of releasing one issue can define the fashion statements of the next season, & ultimately of the whole fashion history!

having grown up in a house full of the latest fashion magazines, reading fashion magazines regularly is one of the little luxuries of life that i really miss the last years in my life, especially after having kids. i could even admit that reading fashion magazines has been left as a ritual for the few times i go to the hairdresser ... 

so you can imagine my excitement when the last week of august, flying out of chicago, returning home, i saw in a stand in the airport the september issue of the american VOGUE of 2015! i could buy it, i would even have time to read it in the airplane (with no distractions! from cover to cover) and i could save it for the coming months in our living room, as a daily reminder of what fashion really means! hurra! what a happy moment!

 it is true that you dont get to read any text until you reach page 226, up to which page it is only advertisment, but who cares, really, the inspiration is breathtaking! check out a few of the fashion statements of this year that i loved !

the peacock Givency dresses

the new statement shoe of Valentino