Sep 20, 2015

friendship vs. distance

i am sure you remember what happened in the last episodes of Sex & the City just before this image...

if not, check it out here:

that was the feeling of this past week... living far from your friends & loved ones, you feel like you are missing a big part of their lives and, most importantly, of your life too.
you are not there for their birthdays, their anniversaries, the birth of their children, and then their children's birthdays. you are not there at their happiest moments.
& unfortunately, you are not there at their saddest ones. these hurt you the most. because deep inside you, you know that it is then that you are much more needed. just to be by their side. hold their hand. tell them "i am sorry". in person.... & not through a telephone line.
as i am terrible at picking up the phone, i have developed my very own & extremely naive way to cope with this... i am doing something i call "long distance support". so, whenever i know a friend is going through a tough time, i focus on remembering all her dazzling moments, all her happy times, all her success stories. i am sure all your friends have moments when they shine. wherever i am, in the tram going to work, in the supermarket buying my groceries, at home cooking, i spend some time remembering all these moments. moments where my friend was happy & smiling. & i try to surpass all the distance that keep us apart, by sending all my positive energy to her.
i know it is extremely naive & romantic, but, somehow it works!
after all, even Aristotle at Nicomachean Ethics commented that "distance does not break off the friendship absolutely, but only the activity of it".