Nov 1, 2013

press play Friday! (the cartoon & graffiti version...)

καλό μήνα!!!
όσο κι αν μας άρεσε το θέμα της εβδομάδας μας, δυσκολευτήκαμε να βρούμε εικόνες που να μας εμπνέουν.... βρήκαμε όμως όχι ένα, αλλά δύο υπέροχες ιδέες για animated προσκλητήρια.
απολαύστε τα!
καλό σαββατοκύριακο!

{have an amazing November!
although we were really excited with the cartoons or graffiti inspired wedding ideas, it was hard to find ideas to inspire us... however, we discovered not one, but two beautiful ideas for an animated wedding invitation.
enjoy them both!
have an awesome weekend!}

Adam & Emily - Wedding Invitation from NeverOddorEven on Vimeo.

Animated Wedding Invitation from eloise timmis on Vimeo.